The Cat Who Walks Through Time

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The Cat Who Walks Through Time

Post by macfadyan » Sat Apr 24, 2004 1:47 am

a few notes on the work I'm doing for this cd and whats appeared here so far - mid april.

The opening and closing test themes that are up are simply that - test themes. Since upgrading the pc I'm unable to use an onboard synth which is a great shame as I needed a couple of sounds, notably for the main melody and the twinkly music box. So at the moment I'm messing about trying to get replacements for them.
And yes, its essentially the same as for The Schrodinger Effect film stuff I did. Why? because I haven't heard from the director in an age so I think the film must be dead in the water and I'm not gonna let a good idea go to waste.

The final versions, including a full length version, won't be up here at Staggering Stories until the cd has come out.

OPh yeah, it's a charity cd so I expect you all to buy ten copies each - ok?
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