Charity Concert

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Charity Concert

Post by macfadyan » Mon Sep 12, 2005 2:24 am

On October the 30th, at the Cockpit Theatre, Westminster College. London, there will be the...oh dear, "The Big Pink Fluffy Bouquet Variety Show "

This is in aid of

'Breast Cancer Care'

I have no info on prices, as yet, but we're talking a nice evening show with time to get a kebab after, lol.

And yes, myself and Adh Seidhe have been roped in...so from us you can expect 'The Tale Of Prince Peladon' and I'll be doing a live reading of 'Mr Dalek discovers the true meaning of Christmas'

So, any of you in the London area, or fancy a trip to the 'Big, Scary Place', please do come along and help support a worthy cause.
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