Christmas is coming - and so is our Christmas update..

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Christmas is coming - and so is our Christmas update..

Post by macfadyan » Mon Dec 22, 2003 3:13 am

.so, be very, VERY afraid...

I've just dipped into what's coming up in the next update, and I am preparing for the worst....

Let me tell you how I spent this evening....
wearing cotton wool. Oh, and a white scarf around my ankle.
Why? Wait and see.
We can promise the next chapter of Keeping the Peace. We can promise a new story. We can promise somthing audio.....remember last year's audio? Well, we've topped that one - no hard task, lol.

So, the sooner you go to sleep, the closer it will be. Over.

See you shortly....
Mac (the Menlove Stokes of Dr Who music, apparently...)

"You can hear the whole of Human history in the sound of a cello"

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