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Posted: Fri May 23, 2008 12:15 pm
by Adam J Purcell
Excellent on so many counts!

Well done on the driving test and the job front!

I think we've still got a couple of months of Rogue Warrior goodness in the bank before we hit the end of season one (I'll check at the weekend when I finish putting together the new Staggering Stories update that's due Sunday/Monday). I look forward to reading the rest of this season and seeing where you take it next season. Certainly no evidence of you running out of ideas so far, quite the contrary, so I've no doubt you'll find another seam to mine.

Good luck on the new job, too!

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 2:16 pm
by Rogue Warrior
:D :D :D
First season is now completely on.

Second season will start to appear by next full update.

I know that the first season may have seemed a bit tacky.
To be honest, I want to go back on that at some point and re-write small portions of it.

The second season is much better, I can asure you.
I think all you star trek fans might like it.

I hope you all enjoy when it comes out.

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 12:59 pm
by Adam J Purcell
I've been meaning to make another comment for a while now, especially now we are into season two. Parts three and four are about to go up very shortly, I've just read them (one of the benefits of putting the update together - I get to read these things before everyone else! Still, I only read up to where the update is publishing, I want to read it at the same pace as our other readers.)

So anyway, great stuff! It's always tricky to do a follow up but this second season has certainly succeeded in that. No longer trapped on Earth but now with their own ship (nice touch them calling it Enterprise after watching too much Earth TV!) A bigger threat in the Metrolians but their old nemesis, Zeus, isn't far behind.

I look forward to read the next bits!

Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2008 9:24 pm
by Rogue Warrior
Thanks for the compliment :D

It was slightly hard to think of the main plot of the season.

And sorry for using the ship name 'Enterprise' :oops: I was watching too much star trek tng programs whilst I was writing this and I couldn't think of another ship name that sounded... sci-fiyee.

Oh... and Zeus is not the main enemy this time.
I thought it would be boring if he was for this season.

You'll find out more about the Metrolians as the season progesses.

I called them 'Metrolians' because, I had seen the word 'Metro' on almost everything around the country.
So I put Metro with the word alien.
But I thought it would sound better when its called 'Metrolian'

Enjoy the rest of the season.

I'm quite proud of it :D

Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 2:36 pm
by Adam J Purcell
I quite like the idea of them calling it Enterprise. It shows how much of an influence that Earth has been on them. It's better than the HMS Richard and Judy!

Ah, Metrolian. That makes sense! It's a good sounding alien name. Also seems to work well in google, I just did a quick search and your story is just a few down on the first page (after some company in Dudley!)
I'm quite proud of it :D
Indeed, as you clearly should be! I look forward to the next parts (tempting to peek ahead but I will resist!)

Rogue Warriors, no more!

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 9:40 am
by Rogue Warrior
Due to lack of popularity and extreme lack of time, I'm afraid to say that I will not be writing the 3rd season of Rogue Warriors.
I apologize about this, but I'm completely preoccupied everyday with work or my personal life.
I hope everyone enjoyed the saga whilst it lasted.

:cry: :cry:

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2009 7:53 am
by Adam J Purcell
I am very sorry to hear that. This means, I think, that we only have one more chapter to look forward to. I have a feeling it's going to go out on a bang, as it should.

I wouldn't take the lack of feedback as lack of popularity - we never get feedback for anything on the main site. It can be a little dispiriting at times but it doesn't mean people aren't reading and enjoying it - people just don't send emails in about web sites (I've certainly never sent an email to a webmaster and the vast majority of people are the same).

I can certainly understand lack of time, too! Hopefully someday you'll get the bug to write some more and (somehow) find the time.

In the meantime I, for one, look forward to the last chapter of season 2.

Thank you for letting us publish your stories.