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RPG Characters...

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2003 2:47 pm
by RH
> >And the host of the 2003 Adric Awards is...
> >
> >Ron Hines.
> well, well, well.....
> That Hines charecter is doing it, is he?

Hmm, in what sense am I a 'character' :?:

Ron Hines is merely a louder, sillier version of Mark Wilkinson. The factual details are quite true, y'know... 8)

Hmm, I really like the controls on this message board. It's a pity there aren't more people posting, but I suppose it's early days. :?

I can't remember if I asked Tone this before, but have any of the Staggering Stories team ever played the Virgin Doctor Who RPG?


Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2003 8:02 pm
by macfadyan
you missed the Castrovalva reference...or deliberatly ignored it, lol
we looked at the Virgin game but I don't recall actually playing it. (I might be wrong...short term memory is always the first to go). We use a sort of hybridized version of the old fasa system.

Oh yeah, this board is soooooo much beytter than the last one.