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Post by Chisel » Sat Apr 07, 2007 11:08 pm

Hello folks, don't normally post here much, but I felt I needed to after watching what I think has to be the worst episode of Doctor Who I've seen. Was watching it with about 4 other people in my flat and we all agreed as well, and that's a rarity!

What with Harry Potter references? Were they paid for those? All the terrible Shakespeare cliche stuff, and the doctors very blatent Rose issues. Ok maybe those can be forgiven, but still, the new girl is clearly superior to the chav.

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Post by macfadyan » Sun Apr 08, 2007 1:16 am

sorry Chris, but I have to disagree...(ps, watch Timelash for a really bad one...anagram of lameshit and so apt - out on dvd soon). Unlike last year Im actually enjoying the series a lot more. Im SO glad that Ros eis gone...the smugness of last year was just too much, we're now back to how things were in the first series, though I admit, Tennant has still to grab me like Eccles did. The Potter references were amusing...nothing wrong with em and that sort of thing has been a staple of the show all the way back to the sixties.

Admission time....I didn;t quite hear the 'Exempalaris' or whatever it was, and even if I did, as soon as the doc said Jk I thought Jimiroqui, LOL.

As for the Shakespeer lines, oh come on now...'we are not amused' from Tooth and Claw was far worse....And the Rose issue? well, youve just been forcibly seperated from what might have been your soulmate./...ok, yes, its the doc, but still...cut him some slack here....

Nope, sorry, it was damn fine, far better then Fear Her of last year...you and your mates must have been watchign it whilst sober - Ive warned you about that :P
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Post by lordsummerisle » Sun Apr 08, 2007 10:53 am

I wasn't exactly grabbed by it myself either, it followed the same formula as The Unquiet Dead and there wasn't enough distance in time between the two. But obviously the programme still has a long way to drop before it even comes within the visual range of Lameshit or Warriors On The Cheap or The Crappiness Patrol.

The new gal gets the thumbs up from me too and seeing as I appear to be the only person I know who doesn't think JK Rowling is the new JRR Tolkien I could have done without the Harry Potter references too, especially the one that refers to the forthcoming final book. That reference will date quicker than a naked girl in an role playing game shop.
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