Caption Competition April 2009

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Adam J Purcell
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Caption Competition April 2009

Post by Adam J Purcell »

Here's some random convict, The Nite Owl 2/Daniel Dreiberg (aka Patrick Wilson) and The Silk Spectre 2/Laurie Juspeczyk (aka Malin Akerman) but what is the caption?

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Andy Simpkins
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The inmates of the Nuts 'R' Us lunatic asylum really knew how to get down on a Friday night...

"Confound this costume,my piles are giving me hell....."

"Take that! That'll teach you to walk in on our sexual costume-roleplaying scenario!..."
I wish I was a glow-worm,a glow-worm's never glum,it's hard to be unhappy when the sun shines out your bum!
Head of Pertwee
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On a random Friday nite the kinky prisoners of Holloways prison believe that some fun is in order

"C'mon love its Friday lets do it"
"I ain't your love I'm your sister"
"What about me I'm not a relative" (winks)
"Stay away from my sister!" (PUNCH WALLOP BANG)
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