Christmas update

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Christmas update

Post by Hobbit »

Wow! Excellent work, guys! Adam, it's amazing how one latex head can be so expressive - it's such a shame the 'legs' actor was hamming it up so badly...
And Macfadyen.....
oh god....singing....ears.....hurting....want my mummy!!! Are you my mummy??? Seriously, matey boy, it takes guts (and alcohol) to do that and it wasn't bad at all - apart from the music at the beginning which always has an unfortunate effect on my bottom lip...
Excellent Christmas card, Andy, gonna buy ink for my printer so I can surprise Keith on Christmas Day with his very own copy. I'm sure he will thank you personally at work... :D
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Post by macfadyan »

cheers, ears....your story weren't too bad either....I can just see the 9th doc kicking dwarves......very true to chracter, serously. :)
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Re: Christmas update

Post by Adam J Purcell »

Hobbit wrote:Adam, it's amazing how one latex head can be so expressive - it's such a shame the 'legs' actor was hamming it up so badly...
As always with severed body parts, it's just a case of applying the electrical current to the right places to get the desired expressions (that or me having my hand up there to perform the gurn! He deserved it after rolling into my bedroom to wake me up each night with that torrent of verbal abuse... the pike put paid to that.)
macfadyan wrote:I can just see the 9th doc kicking dwarves
Me too, oddly. I can hear Eccleston saying it in a slightly offhand sort of way. Excellent story, very funny! Though it did take me at least half a read before I spotted the cunning Bad Wolf reference!
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