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DWE is back

Post by CATT »

Having finally found an old Type40 TARDIS in an abandand junkyard and spending the beter part of two week getting it back to a functioning condition I am glad to announce that the official AAA @ Doctor Who Exchange @ is back up and running. She is still a little tempermental tho, so please don't touch the control console. Also due to the tragic crash K-9's language parser was heavily damaged. But after a great deal of reprogramming the new K-9 Mark II is on duty to patrol the room for Gits. Be sure to stop by and see the newly redecorated room.


- CATT_=^.-.^=_
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Post by Mother »

Very nice Catt, :)

I just love all the rooms - libraries, gardens, swimming pools, and even a cricket pavilion. Plus two control rooms, a boot cupboard, a very large costume wardrobe and a pink Zero Room.
Hey, I think I found the lost Sontaran in one of the swimming pool sized bathrooms. :oops:

Home Sweet Home :wink:

Thanks Catt
--------------------------------> :lol:
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