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Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2004 10:21 pm
by Andy Simpkins
As this topic has been quiescent for a while,I would just like to say that as resident illustrator (chained to my desk without food,water or toilet facilities until I produce more illustrations,thanks to the endless wisdom of out Most Highly Revered and Merciful Leader;Adam J.Purcell (All Praise His Name)!) on this site,I would just like to warn you of a few things that will be looming large on my artistic horizons.More perverse cut-outs for Cre'at will be forthcoming in our 'Dress Cre'at' section and on the site as a whole,I will be turning my attention to The Buccaneer Chronicles and producing a few more illustrations for them in the weeks that lie ahead.You have been warned....... 8)