Caption Competition August 2004

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Adam J Purcell
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Caption Competition August 2004

Post by Adam J Purcell »

Here's five of the Staggering Stories team on the Tidal Wave at Thorpe Park.
Starting at the back: in the white t-shirt is Adam, next to me in the blue shirt is Keith.
In the front: in the blue 'in-ger-land' cap is Tony, the bald one is Andy and with the fly-away hair is Karen.

But what is the caption?

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Post by macfadyan »

Keith regreted bringing the photo blow up of El Presidente on the Tidal Wave. It got soggy.

The search for Tony's skeletal frame continues!
Mac (the Menlove Stokes of Dr Who music, apparently...)

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Post by Havoc »

Kicking off the new season of old TV rehashes this autumn:

Tidal Wave, the Nearly Old Generation:
Starring Adam as Jean-Luc Purcell
Keith as Lt Dunn-Worf
Tony as Gallichan La Forge
Andy as someone else without much hair in a red shirt
And Karen as Dunnea Tasha Okay-Yar Troi

"Mr La Forge, Make It Ever So... (dramatic thoughtful pause) Wet"

Staggering Stories - I don't like it but I know why!
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Andy Simpkins
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Post by Andy Simpkins »

Adam picked the most unusual times to practise his catalogue posing.....

El Presidente,in an effort to be more accessible to his loyal subjects,decided on an innovative place for his next address to the nation....

Karen tried hard to hold her breath as the G-forces and explosive decompression of the ride made her cheeks puff out like a hampster....

Andy (me) could only grimace in embarrassment as his 'William Shatner:Wow the ladies with this syrup'toupee blew off and drowned in the water of the ride...

Tony,trying to remain incognito in sunglasses and cap,recoils in horror as he sees Terrance Dicks waiting at the end of the ride clutching a baseball bat,waiting to 'thank' him for slagging him off at Panopticon....
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Post by lordsummerisle »

Halfway through the front row's impromptu farting competition, Adam felt it was time to protest.
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