Caption Competition December 2004

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Adam J Purcell
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Caption Competition December 2004

Post by Adam J Purcell »

Again, Andy's arm is visiting the rich and famous (the brown leather on the left). These two are apparently pop music celebrities from a band named 'Status Quo'. What, though, is the caption?

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Andy Simpkins
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Post by Andy Simpkins »

"'Ere,Francis,who nicked all the books we were supposed to be signing?"

"You know,Rick.You look just like that guy,oh...what's 'is name,the one with the shaggy blonde hair from Staggering Stories...."

The Curse Of The Photogenic Arm strikes back!
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Post by macfadyan »

"I'm sorry, but I can't say anything - the band is banned from Staggering Stories due to reasons of good taste..innit?"

"You know, Francis, I quite like that Robbie Williams" - "Yeah mate...and that Beautifull South are good, innit?"

or something.
Mac (the Menlove Stokes of Dr Who music, apparently...)

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Post by Havoc »

In a sneak preview of the second series of 'New Doctor Who', the Doc (Chris Ecclescake) teams up with his former self (Paul McGone) to combat the hideous Gelguards who have taken over the Waterstone space station. Rumour has it that after a cameo appearance by a 'classic' Gelguard in an earlier story, these new Gelguards have been updated and redesigned to a new 'leather look' appearance, and may go their newfound species name of 'Studmuffins'.


Staggering Stories - I don't like it but I know why!
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Post by tallorder »

Waterstones dug up some fine specimens to promote the latest 'Walking with Dinosaurs' book.

Rossi: Bloody hell Rick, it's both our fans!
Parfitt: Does a restraining order mean nothing to you people!

Having been Rockin' All Over the World, The Quo were finally tracked to a booksellers and forced to meet the people whose lives had been cruelly blighted by their music.

Buy our book - Maintaining the Status Quo (or how to make a career three chords and a dodgy barnet)
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Post by lordsummerisle »

"A remake of Invasion Of The Dinosaurs? Sounds great but what part will we be playing?"
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