Caption Competition December 2009

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Adam J Purcell
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Caption Competition December 2009

Post by Adam J Purcell »

Here's U.N.I.T.'s Dr. Malcolm Taylor (aka Lee Evans) but what is the caption?

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Re: Caption Competition December 2009

Post by Chinn »

This is my new invention, it's the malcomometre! It measures how many malcolms it takes to make a malcolm. The answer turned out to be one malcolm. Amazing really.Did I mention that I love Doctor Who, I love him, I love you, ooh, wee, ooh, (Hmm...it might be best to slowly back out of the room at this point....)
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Andy Simpkins
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Re: Caption Competition December 2009

Post by Andy Simpkins »

Malcolm really should have gone to Specsavers...

Lee Evans' 'Japanese Sniper' impression was a wow at the Christmas parties...

"Why, Doctor, these really are X-Ray specs!....."
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Re: Caption Competition December 2009

Post by wyn »

With these specs, I can see what you're doing Crumbly. Uurgh, my eyes! my eyes!
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Re: Caption Competition December 2009

Post by TennantFan88 »

"Up yours Superman! I've got X-rays vision, without superpowers! HA!"
Doctor Who, and SGU, oh (insert cheesy rhyme) WOO HOO!
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