Caption Competition November 2010

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Caption Competition November 2010

Post by Adam J Purcell »

Here's the Doctor (aka Matt Smith), Sarah Jane Smith (aka Elizabeth Sladen) and Jo Jones (née Grant, aka Katy Manning). What, though, is the caption?

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Re: Caption Competition November 2010

Post by TennantFan88 »

Most reports in Newspapers after the last of the Timelords died read:
"On this day Sarah Jane Smith tried to fly the T.A.R.D.I.S with her Sonic Lipstick, this photo was taken just before the crash" It was a sad day...
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Andy Simpkins
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Re: Caption Competition November 2010

Post by Andy Simpkins »

Katy Manning had tried unsuccessfully to remove the coat-hanger that had got stuck in her mouth...

Doctor: "So, Jo, what did those Amazonian tribesmen do to you to make your mouth so stretched...?"

Jo: "Thanks for buggering off halfway through my engagement party. I've been lumbered with a husband whose main hobby is growing all sorts of strange spores and fungi..."
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