Caption Competition April 2004

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Caption Competition April 2004

Post by Adam J Purcell »

Here's Lorne and a cursed Angel but what is the caption?

It's not easy being green

Post by Guest »

"One, two, three, ha, ha, ha" (Okay, wrong character)

"I know I said the senior partners were Muppets, but this is ridiculous!"

"I may be green but there's no-one's hand up my arse!"

"A sad case - he was cursed for appearing in that Dido video"

What the hell was the plot of this episode? Precious wonder they've canned the series!
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Post by Havoc »

Bert was sure Ernie wasn't as green the last time he looked. Or so horny.

Angel couldn't explain it but somehow he 'felt' different.

The other Muppets weren't so sure about Kermits new 'Mean Green' look.

And the sequel to the great Harlon Ellison tome 'Demon With A Felt Hand'!

I thankew!

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Andy Simpkins
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Post by Andy Simpkins »

"'ere,Lorne,I can see right up your nose from here...."

The staff of Toys 'R'Us decided that this was to be the new Christmas must-have for the kiddies...

Angel:"...and i thought having my soul taken away after bonking Buffy was bad enough!"
Lorne:"Shut up you mad,irresistable fool.Your mouth is open and begging for a bout of tonsil-hockey from yours truly..."
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